vendredi 2 mai 2014

"The Rover"... on the FSR “Top Ten Must See Summer Movies”...


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from FSR

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David Michod has followed his much-lauded family crime drama Animal Kingdom with a film that has somewhat enigmatically been described as “a futuristic Western set in the Australian outback.” With Guy Pearce as a wronged family man salivating for vengeance and Robert Pattinson continuing to distance himself from teeny bop status, The Rover looks to be that rare summer combination of great performances, unique directorial vision, and engrossing filmmaking. 
It’s an irresistible combination that has us hooked in anticipation for a film that I can only speculatively describe as Mad Max meets The Proposition. Also keep in mind that The Rover is distributed by a young label – A24 – that has already released some of the more impressive films of 2014 including Enemy, Under the Skin, and Locke. The Rover looks by all means to continue this reputation of supporting confident, pull-no-punches filmmaking, and will hopefully prove one of the strongest alternatives to predictable multiplex fare. 

source: thanks to Tumblr: pattinson360

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