jeudi 15 mai 2014

REVIEW* Studio CineLive about "The Rover"....

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A road movie with ironic darkness 
David Michôd likes contrasts. Discovered with 'Animal Kingdom', a psychological thriller, almost behind closed doors, visually dark, we find him three years later with a post apocalyptic western located in the Australian outback, overwhelmed by the sun. But this light is misleading. 'The Rover' works in the same tantalizing way as his first feature film. 
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Accompanied by an anxiogenic and intriguing soundtrack, this road movie is terribly ironic especially for his darkness. Subtly blowing hot and cold, Michôd manages to create empathetic conditions toward the selfish and monstrous central character in the literal sense. Until a disconcerting final scene, but finalizing the work of a this master of cynicism, so assured that it becomes fascinating. In the main roles, the rough hardness of Guy Pearce goes perfectly with lost innocence brought out by Robert Pattinson. Any resemblance to any existing characters and economic situations ... or about to be are obviously anything but accidental.

translation: Pattinson AW
source: ROBsessed

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