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[PRESS SCAN] "Cinemateaser" Magazine (France) - Mai 2014


"Maps to the Stars"...

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Actress Sarah Gadon raved about the curious experience that this film was, still a mystery for her. "(...) The script is incredibly bright. It's mostly avery violent satir of Hollywood. It's very strange for me to find myself in the heart of the system after filming something so dark and so nasty." 
(...) Between genre film and lampoon, film noir and soap opera, we hope Mapsto the Stars is going to shake up festivalgoers. We would especially love to have there, with this tortuous tale about Hollywood, a kind of Mulholland Drive2.0. All the ingredients seem brought together, to recreate the confused experienced felt during the presentation of the feature film by Lynch in 2001 on the Croisette. Cannes loves nothing more than films that escape us. If Cosmopolis was probably too theoretical and verbose, Maps to the Stars seems rather full of excesses and flesh, a film whose apparent madness probably hides unexpected nooks and shadows so dear to the director. We hope the famous Cronenberg's maps to the stars doesn't take us where we would want to go.
"The Rover"....

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nothing really new...

"In The Rover, Michôd has hired one of the most scrutinized young actors on the planet, whose artistic choices are more assured. Robert Pattinson." 
"The aim of the film, says Michôd, is to get the public to feel empathy forthe monster that is the hero."

source: Pattinson AW
translation: Pattinson AW

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