mardi 13 mai 2014

*CONTENT* of “Snatch Magazine” (France)... with Robert Pattinson on the cover..

 photo Snatcmagazine3.jpg

just discover (well yesterday in fact) what Snatch means in English...
damned, that's an awful name for a mag....   photo blink.gif

via snatch-mag

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and LOVE that pic of Rob, back in Cannes 2012..!!

 photo RobertPattinsonCannes2012snatcmag.png

thanks to Pattinson AW (and for the meaning of the name of that mag... LOL)

PORTRAIT: ROBERT PATTINSONAt 27, Robert Pattinson has little in lack of freedom, the fault of Twilight fans who elevated him to an ultimate star and made his life impossible. A quite discordant reality with what is the new heartthrob of indie cinema: a guy fundamentally nice, shy, music lover and moreover intelligent. A delicate little heart that’s almost boring? Maybe not. 
INTERVIEW: DAVID CRONENBERGAt 71, the Canadian director continues to explore the depravity of his contemporaries and signs a sharp criticism of Hollywood universe with Maps to the Stars. With it, we come back imperceptibly to his relationship with the film industry, his obsessions for scars and death, and his chaotic relationship to Stanley Kubrick.

source: Pattinson AW

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