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The Press/Media about "The Rover" 's trailer... with Robert Pattinson and Guy Pearce...


Michôd is back with another film, The Rover, and it looks like it may be one of the most gripping films of the year. (......) And if you're the type who instantly dismisses Pattinson because of his Twilight days, this is further evidence as to why he shouldn't simply be ignored. Check it out.
We featured the first riveting teaser in late January, but this time they show even more of the story without giving away anything, and damn, it looks incredible. From the emotion in Pearce's eyes, to the bleakness of the world, this is one of my most anticipated to see this summer.
from Cinemablend
The shot of Pearce failing to look up as a car crashes outside his window gives me shivers, for some reason. There’s something so disconnected about it.
from The Playlist
And yes, it looks pretty damn good (......) And the story, conceived by Michod and Joel Edgerton, looks like one packed with a grim sense of place and a palpable atmosphere of a post-apocalyptic world.
from The Film Stage
Considering this one is part of the Midnight Screenings section at Cannes, we imagine things will be getting fairly dark and that sort of dread is on full display here.
Stunning new trailer for The Rover (.....) Director David Michôd's breakout hit is one of the finest films of the past decade and anything he now does, we will be inevitably excited about. It also helps that a rather fantastic new trailer has just dropped for his follow-up film.
from Screencrush
We’re back with the full trailer and news that, yes, it still looks great. So good, in fact, that it’s an official selection of the 2014 Cannes Film Festival. (......) Also, it’s another impressive right turn from Pattinson, who continues to show he can do solid work.
from TwitchFilm
And zowie! Does this trailer impress. Such intensity and style. We would expect nothing less from the director of the acclaimed Animal Kingdom. (.........) Keep your eyes peeled because this looks like your next dose of intensity this summer.
from Indiewire
Michod comes to Cannes' slim midnight section this year with "The Rover," a wild-looking neo-western co-written by fellow Aussie filmmaker Joel Edgerton and starring Guy Pearce—alongside Robert Pattinson, who might just become something of a Cannes regular if he keeps this up
from Screenrant
Frankly, the movie looks downright apocalyptic, though it’s not clear whether the narrative unfolds on a future Earth in the wake of some world-changing catastrophe, or if Michôd’s setting is just barren by nature. (.....) Synopses on the film don’t reveal much in one way or another (......) The Rover premieres at Cannes this year, so expect to hear word of mouth on it soon. The rest of us, meanwhile, have to wait for June to see it ourselves, but it looks like it’ll be worth the wait.
from The Wrap
An unlikely bromance forms in post-apocalyptic Australia (.......)
The film looks like a slow burner, bubbling with stoic machismo, and the first real reviews will come out of Cannes (.....)
from Geektyrant
This looks like it's going to be a great film. I"m definitely putting it on my must watch list. (.....) Also, Pearce is just a fantastic actor, and doesn't star in enough movies (.....)
from WeGotThisCovered
Pearce’s career has taken a turn for the scraggly and villainous, as he turns in more and more character performances (.....) He’s an interesting screen presence, though, and seems quite at home in his latest part. The same could be said for Robert Pattinson, whose appearance and role is a far cry from the sparkly vampire of Twilight. Together, they could be a very interesting duo. The trailer, at least, makes the whole set up most intriguing.(....)
from GiantFreakinRobot
This new trailer that A24 Pictures just released looks absolutely incredible.(......) The tone and feel of this trailer is pitch perfect for this style and this subject matter. Everything is grim, dirty, dusty, and bleak beyond imagination. I love the overall aesthetic of The Rover, which is austere and forbidding; quiet, but punctuated with sharp explosions of extreme brutality. This has the countenance of a gritty western, and is certainly not going to be for the faint of heart. That shot of Pearce just sitting there, totally calm, as the car goes skidding past the window upside down is nothing short of fantastic. We’ll have to wait and see how Pattinson handles that southern drawl—there’s not enough here to really see if he pulls it off for the long haul or not. He shows some promise, and you can tell he’s trying desperately to shake off what’s left of those vampire sparkles.
from MTV
We’re looking forward to getting our serious on…so the film’s release can’t come soon enough.
from HitFix
[The Rover] will premiere at the festival in the Midnight Screenings section, and if this stark, moody and decidedly unsettling first trailer is anything to go by, that might be the right place for it….this looks like a most impressive showcase for Guy Pearce, playing a man hunting down the gang who stole his car in the Australian Outback. Michôd doesn’t appear to have lost the brutal command of atmosphere, balancing latent and not-so-latent violence, that he wielded in his debut — count me very excited for this indeed.
from ET Canada
The producers of Rover have released a new trailer, and it looks exactly like the sort of movie that would do well at Cannes—dark, brooding, minimalistic, and full of enigmatic references to Irish poet William Butler Yeats
from The Dissolve
There’s a promising philosophical tinge to the snippets of conversation between the hero and his reluctant companion, as they debate who’s in charge and whether any kind of authority figure—earthly or otherwise—will judge their actions and give them comfort.
from Entertainment Weekly
I’m never sure whether the Australian countryside will be the best, or the absolute worst, place to hole up come the inevitable apocalypse. And the trailer for the new, Cannes-selected film The Rover only makes the issue murkier.
from Huffington Post
There’s something especially eerie about a manhunt in the Australian Outback. The unreachable horizon and barren plains take on a menacing tone — or perhaps that’s just the vibe they give off in the trailer for ”The Rover”
from BleedingCool
Robert Pattinson’s shrugged off the Twilight stigma pretty nicely, I think. Hopefully he’ll turn in a good performance here, and I expect we can trust Pearce to pitch his normal game.
from Ain’t It Cool
This is a lovely trailer for a film which looks earnest and well-played.

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