dimanche 17 novembre 2013

*UPDATE* about the contents of the "Robert Pattinson, 1000 Lives" 's book... by Nan Goldin...


Remember, a few days ago, we got that scan of Men's style... and we were wondering about the 500 copies...!

 photo 1000_Lives.png

Well, Pattinson AW has contacted the representatives of the Rizzoli New York Editions in Paris regarding the 500 copies...
and heres' the answer she got...!!
"The box '1000 Lives' by Nan Goldin, discussed in the Men's Style's article is the book to be published by Rizzoli New York. I confirm that this is a collector's edition which print is limited to 500 copies. "
"I can confirm that there is only one version of the book."
So, once again... don't wait.... if you want to get your own copy....!!!
should be available around the 13th Nov. 2013...

you can pre order it... ➜ Amazon.co.uk

 photo 5974.gif ...
well.. hope you all were able to get your copy, because apparently, there's none left on the site...

 photo Capturedrsquoe3010cran2013-11-17a3000004052.png 
 photo Capturedrsquoe3010cran2013-11-17a3000004042.png

source scan: Robert Pattinson au
source: Pattinson AW

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