jeudi 21 novembre 2013

Hit Fix about Robert Pattinson... Will these artists and actors still be big stars in five years..?


According to Hit Fix...

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Robert Pattinson...  
Where They Are Now:
Working hard and loving life, evidently. David Cronenberg has apparently adopted Pattinson, and if they end up with a DiCaprio/Scorsese relationship for a few years, giving one of the best filmmakers alive a commercial shot in the arm, that would be fine with me. James Gray, David Michod, and no less than Werner Herzog are all set to work with him as well, and he's playing T.E. Lawrence. Drop the mic, Rob. You win. 
Where They May Be In 5 Years:
Ultimately, he's got to do good work in these films, but he's got a huge line-up coming, and he seems to understand how fleeting stardom is. Unlike his "Twilight" co-star, he's never acted like the spotlight is a burden or a horror, but rather a temporary moment due to the material. By all accounts, he is a real collaborator, someone who wants to work with strong filmmakers and strong co-stars, and as long as he keeps that up, he's in this for the long haul.
Well, David Cronenberg, James Gray, David Michod and Werner Herzog... NOT that bad at all...!!!

source: Spunk Ransom

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