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One more *PRESS* post about Robert Pattinson and the GO GO Gala...

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from Society News LA
Bravo Robert Pattinson for using your celebrity to help the Go Campaign to give the world’s children a brighter future and by continuing to contribute generously, as recently as the Nov. 14 GO GO Gala, by bidding with enthusiasm at the night’s live auction.
More than 200 guests – Pattinson included – converged on the Bel-Air Bay Club in the Pacific Palisades for the charity’s annual Gala. Combining ticket and auction sales, the affair raised more than $500,000 to help children in need everywhere by providing them with homes, education, rehabilitation, safety from sex trafficking and more. 
Former US Senate aide, attorney and script writer Scott Fifer – whose TV writing credits include two Primetime Emmy broadcasts – said he first launched the charity after traveling to Tanzania and meeting a group of orphans. Through a network of “local heroes,” who understand the needs of their communities, the Go Campaign has since helped more than 41,000 children. The varied projects have included a girls’ school in Siem Reap, Cambodia, funded thanks to Pattinson. 
I can’t forget what Rob Pattinson did for us that had tremendous impact,” Fifer said from onstage. “Two years ago, Rob generously donated a ‘meet & greet’ on the set of ’Twilight Breaking Dawn’ for our online auction. And so we put it on Charity Buzz (charitybuzz.com) and it sold to a woman in Chicago for $80,000.” 
After recounting the success of the girls’ home, Fifer added, “So Rob, there are 25 girls in Cambodia who wouldn’t forgive me if I didn’t just say thank you. Thank you for your kindness.” 
So was the meet & greet worth $80,000 to the buyer? Apparently so.
In a subsequent conversation, Fifer said that same woman later paid handsomely for an advance screening of the film. 
Attending the Gala with friends, Pattinson (in a goatee**) bought himself a cello – made from trash found in a landfill – from the Recycled Orchestra of Cateura, Paraguay, with his bid of $5,600. 
you can read the whole article here...

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source: RPL via ToR

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