vendredi 26 avril 2013

*UPDATE* "Mission: Blacklist #1" with Robert Pattinson... starts filming this August...


from Newson6

How A Sapulpa Man Tracked Down Saddam Hussein 
HOUSTON, Texas - Sometimes the truth is stranger than fiction, and that might be said of the story of Eric Maddox, of Sapulpa.
He's about to become the world's most famous interrogator. 
Now, the story is about to go public in a very mainstream way. Maddox wrote a book a couple of years ago. You probably haven't seen much of it, but a movie studio immediately bought the rights.
Robert Pattinson, of Twilight fame, has signed on to play Maddox, and the screenplay is being done by the writer behind "Band of Brothers".
Shooting begins this August.

Meanwhile, Donald Rumsfeld was so eager to keep Maddox's services, that he established a civilian force of interrogators, hiring Maddox as the very first one.
His work for the Department of Defense continues to this day
you can read the full interview of Eric Maddox just HERE....

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