mardi 9 avril 2013

*VIDEOS* More of Guy Pearce about Robert Pattinson... and "The Rover"...

while doing promo for Iron Man 3... 

from Sunrise
Guy talks about "The Rover"... at 3:25
"It's a very dark film and Robert Pattinson and I got to do some really interesting stuff together"

from The Morning Show
Guy talks about Rob and "The Rover"... at 5:18
"It was a pretty heavy experience"
 photo Capturedrsquoeacutecran2013-04-09agrave131746.png
click on one of the pics to watch the vid. 
 photo Capturedrsquoeacutecran2013-04-09agrave131813.png

source: RPL
youtube: SunriseOn7

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