dimanche 7 avril 2013

*NEW / Old* Fan pics of Robert Pattinson... at the "Breaking Dawn, part 2" London Premiere...

with some of the cast...
on the balcony...!

 photo img_1586.jpg

 photo img_1584.jpg

 photo img_1585.jpg

 photo img_1593.jpg

 photo img_1581.jpg  photo img_1582.jpg  photo img_1583.jpg
 photo img_1584.jpg  photo img_1585.jpg  photo img_1586.jpg
 photo img_1587.jpg  photo img_1588.jpg  photo img_1589.jpg
 photo img_1593.jpg

AND a fan vid. ...

source: Taylor Lautner Italy and Robert Pattinson Italia / Gossip Dance (vid) via ToR
youtube: Robert Pattinson Italia

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