samedi 23 mars 2013

Stephenie Meyer about Robert Pattinson...

on her first meeting with Rob...

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from Entertainment Inquirer
For starters, we asked Stephenie her standout memories of the “Twilight” cast. “One of the first is when I first visited the set and I went out to dinner,” she began. “I hadn’t met anyone in the cast. They were coming from dinner and they were delayed. They came straight from a gallery shoot where they were all in character costume, make-up… the whole bit. So the first time I met them, they were dressed up like my imaginary friends. That’s not something you get every day.”
Stephenie again laughed heartily as she recalled her unforgettable first meeting with Robert Pattinson. “When Rob and I first met, we had lunch together [and] talked about the script. We sat there and argued for a solid hour and a half about the Edward character. And he was really sure I was wrong [in parts]. I was telling him, ‘This is how Edward feels…’ He said, ‘No, this is how he feels here.’ We went back and forth [that way]. It was hilarious and fun.”
you can read her whole itv.... HERE

source: Entertainment Inquirer / @gossipgyal via ToR

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