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Free Hollywood (the alligator)...! The cute story behind Robert Pattinson's photoshoot for Vanity fair... April 2011...


Do you remember that photoshoot for Vanity Fair - April 2011 (HERE) ...?
and you do remember the alligator (by the way... his name is Hollywood... lol ) of course...!??

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Well... Ok.... here's the story that come with that Hollywood Alligator...

from FB: ThePattinsonProfile

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“Just thought I would share the rest of the story with you all… Well, we all know this picture right? I was visiting Insta-gator in Louisiana last weekend with some fellow twilighters and happened to spot it on the wall. I raced over to it and, although the pic doesn’t show it clearly, the paper above the pic says that the alligator, appropriately named, Hollywood, lives at the ranch and that if you ask the tour guide, you can meet him!!!! I immediately went into stealth mode knocking people over trying to find the guide because anything that touched Rob, I MUST TOUCH! Anyway, finally found the guide, who we had nicknamed Marshmallow Man, because he fed the gators marshmallows and because he was hot, and he acted like he didn’t know what I was talking about, all braun, no brains, I guess. He told us to go ask the short, red-headed guy. So I did, and do you know what he told me? He said, “Hollywood’s not here anymore. Rob paid to have him released back into the wild. It’s the only time we’ve ever done that.” Needless to say, tears started to form, not because I didn’t get to meet the gator, but because our Rob is that sweet! I cried and love him even more if that’s possible! And that my friends, is the rest of the story.”

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Here's the video of Hollywood getting released...

Hollywood, our most famous insta-gator, who appeared on the cover of Vanity Fair magazine, along with Robert Pattinson. Actor, musician, producer, and now alligator conservationist, Robert Pattinson of 'Twilight' fame, had arranged for gator, Hollywood's release. Louisiana's alligator ranching program, the greatest animal conservation program of all time, provides that 12 out of every 100 alligators grown to four feet are released back into the marsh where those alligator eggs were collected. As a result of the Louisiana alligator ranching program, established in 1985, the gator population in Louisiana has grown from a few hundred thousand to nearly 3 million! 

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