mercredi 6 mars 2013

More *NEW* pics of Robert Pattinson... on the set of "The Rover"...


 photo PAW001.jpg

 photo PAW005.jpg  photo PAW008.jpg

 photo PAW009.jpg

 photo PAW001.jpg  photo PAW003.jpg  photo PAW002.jpg  photo PAW004.jpg
 photo PAW005.jpg  photo PAW006.jpg  photo PAW007.jpg  photo PAW008.jpg  photo PAW010.jpg
 photo PAW009.jpg
Guy Pearce...

 photo PAW013.jpg

 photo PAW014.jpg

the set...

 photo PAW011.jpg 

 photo PAW024.jpg 
 photo PAW011.jpg  photo PAW012.jpg  photo PAW016.jpg
 photo PAW015.jpg  photo PAW022.jpg  photo PAW024.jpg
 photo PAW025.jpg  photo PAW026.jpg  photo PAW028.jpg
 photo PAW029.jpg  photo PAW030.jpg  photo PAW031.jpg 
 photo PAW023.jpg  photo PAW027.jpg

source: buzzfeed / @Alice_InTwiLand via RPL

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