mardi 30 octobre 2012

Robert Pattinson's campaign for Dior Homme Fragrance will be "Moulin Rouge" inspired...


from Grazia Daily
*UPDATE* We've just heard from a reliable source that Robert is shooting the Dior campaign in London any day now (eyes peeled, ladies!). We also know it’s set to be a Moulin Rouge-style shoot in black and white. Appaz, Rob had no less than three offers on the table but chose Dior because it’s ‘classic and timeless’. Stay tuned as we bring you more details as they arrive...
* * *
Be still our beating hearts. As if Brad Pitt striking a pose for Chanel No.5 wasn't enough to get us girls all giddy, today brings news that another hunky Hollywood star has bagged himself a beauty deal. 
Step forward one Robert Pattinson. E! News is reporting that the Twilight star has signed a mega-deal with Christian Dior for their line of men's fragrances. The deal is estimated to be worth a whooping $12 million over a three year period - ooh la la - and R-Pattz will apparently star in not one but a SERIES of ad campaigns for the French fashion house. 
Admittedly, Rob isn't renowned for his beauty prowess - he's more of a scruffy beard than man-tan kinda guy - but with that gloriously becoiffed mane and weak-at-the-knees pout, the images are bound to be dreamy. The actor's camp hasn't confirmed the news, but E! News does have a source who says: 'Rob likes the brand'. What more do you need? 
Also: Grazia Daily is slightly surprised considering Rob has a well-known relationship with Gucci. Frida Giannini, Gucci's creative director, dressed the actor for his recent film Cosmopolis, he's confessed to ringing her when he's in need of a dapper suit and just this weekend, he was spotted partying with the likes of Cameron Diaz and Salma Hayek at a swanky Gucci event so the Italian brand would've been our first bet. 
But don't get us wrong, we wouldn't say no to Dior either, Gucci suit or no. And after we saw Mr Pattz schmoozing with Natalie Portman - the face of Miss Dior fragrance - in September, there's no doubt he'll make the perfect addition to the Dior family. What's more, Rob will follow seamlessly in the footsteps of fellow Brit hunk, Jude Law - and with Brad Pitt joining the beauty bandwagon, he's certainly in good company. 
hummm... a Black and White "Moulin Rouge" style.... I love it...!!!
a series of ad campaigns.... Loving it even moooore...!!!
the ony little things rather strange is the timing... LOL... shouldn't he be promoting BD2 right now...??  Or did I miss something... anyway, will see... and I just can't wait for all these goodness...

source: Grazia Daily via Tumblr: robmybaywatch:

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