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[PRESS SCAN] SFX Mag.- Dec. 202


Rob's itv. – Transcript
“If you have a good wire team, then you’ll look good…” Robert Pattinson, Edward. 
What was the most touching moment of the whole series? And what was the hardest?In the first one when Bella is in the hospital and she says, “Don’t ever leave me again,” and I say “Where am I going to go?” I still think that is my favorite scene, maybe because we made up the lines. In every film afterwards, that was unheard of. Everyone was so militant, like, “It has to be from the book.” The hardest? Probably the birth scene – mainly because it was hilarious and it was supposed to be serious. There was one shot where I had to chew the baby out, and I’m not supposed to be able to cry as a vampire, but I am crying because I was laughing so much.
Did you prepare differently for the physical stuff is Part Two?We shot the battle stuff at the end, and I was totally out of shape by that point! But for film fighting, you don’t have to be that fit, because it’s not really like normal fighting. I’m quite malcoordinated, so it’s easy for me to do. When you’re throwing a punch, it’s got to be so huge, most people who actually box are used to keeping it tight, that it feels fake to them. But I can generally do it in one or two takes whereas everyone who is physically fit has to do 10, so that’s great. The only annoying thing is the wire stuff – but if you have a good wire team, then you’ll look good.
So you know the best wire team to work with now?There are two people who are really good at it. Most people think you can set up an action sequence and say, “Okay, let’s do it on wires,” but everyone sees that it’s on wires, so it’s boring. You look at these $10 million sequences where they’re using so many wires and stuff, it’s boring. It’s nothing. I don’t understand. It’s the same as CG: they spend $20 million on CG, and it’s like, “Cool, it looks like a videogame. Well done.”
What will you miss most about the franchise?There’s something incredibly familiar about it where you know everyone, which is the antithesis of what you normally have on a movie set. When you know people – it’s pretty nice. But then again, one of the greatest things about acting is that you can leave everybody behind!

source: @Gossipgyal via ToR

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