mercredi 3 octobre 2012

*NEW / Old* Pic of Robert Pattinson at Hot Topic Tour in Chicago - 12th Nov. 2008

JUST a beautiful W&B pic...!
The photograph is by Nicole Peterson of Monsterbrand
and she said about it...
"Shot this photo a few years ago at a promotional event for the film known as "Twilight". I am by no means a fan of the franchise, but I thought the event would be a good photo opportunity, so I attended. Boy, was I floored (and sometimes frightened) by the enthusiasm of the fans. Twilight itself is too flat and one-dimensional for me, but Robert Pattinson, the actor seemed an all-around cool guy, had a good head on his shoulders. A very funny individual. You can count me as a Pattinson fan, but not a Twilight fan. Overall, just a great photographic learning experience for me. Also! I'm also very excited to hear he was recently cast in "Lawrence of Arabia".
please, if you reposting it... credit Monsterbrand (and don't use it for banner, icon or whaterver...!) and THAT is the craziness she is talking about...
(and a huge thanks to ROBsessed for reminding me those vids. ... LOL..)

Old itv... but always the same...

source: Devianart: Monsterbrand via ROBsessed
youtube: jjfwbbc

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