mardi 16 octobre 2012

*GIFS* of Robert Pattinson... at Elle Magazine's 'Women in Hollywood' Event...

and more details of Rob's speech and appareance...
on 15th Oct. ...


from eonline : 
  • R. Pattz was out tonight at the Elle Women in Hollywood event in Beverly Hills to present an award to his Bel Ami costar Uma Thurman.
  • "I'm learning how to read tonight," an actually nervous-looking Pattinson said when he reached the stage. "I find this terrifying. 
  • He laughed, saying that it was "so annoying" to follow other presenters and honorees "who were so funny... [and] so smart."
  • The Twilight star was dressed in a gray suit, white shirt and tie, his five-o'clock shadow creeping toward six and his hair messy but cool.
  • Pattinson said working with Thurman was a "pretty crazy experience," describing her Bel Ami role as his wife as "someone more intelligent, more charming, wittier and better in bed than me."
  • "Which," he added with a smile, "was obviously very difficult to cast."
  • The codirectors "s--t their pants" when Thurman first walked on set, "and I did a little bit, as well," he cracked.
  • "Rob, you're a real gentleman on and off the screen," Thurman gushed back.
  • Pattinson's appearance was not publicized beforehand. Instead, he skipped the red carpet and entered the event through a side entrance at the Four Seasons hotel in Beverly Hills   

source: eonline via ROBsessed
gifs: Tumblr: robsessed and Tulblr: imteamkstew

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