jeudi 7 juin 2012

Robert Pattinson about censorship in films...



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Robert Pattinson: Censorship is crazyRobert Pattinson is shocked by how censored show business remains.
The actor stars in director David Cronenberg’s upcoming move Cosmopolis.
In this film Robert’s character is involved in a threesome and shoots himself in the hand with a gun. 
Robert believes that the movie ratings system is inherently flawed in the age of the internet. 
You’re immediately at the highest rating with things to do with sex. But you can have violence. It’s like, ‘What?!’ It’s completely crazy,” he told British newspaper The Sun. “I don’t think there’s anything in Cosmopolis that’s particularly… there’s nothing bad. I don’t think there’s anything that would have shocked me when I was 13. Especially when every single kid nowadays probably watches hardcore pornography on the internet. It’s no worse – in fact, it’s a lot better.” 
Robert isn’t nervous about how audiences will receive the potentially incendiary scenes in Cosmopolis. 
“I’m not worried about the violence or the sex or anything like that,” he said. “Transformers is more violent than Cosmopolis.”
ok... as the first source come from The Sun.... anyway...!

source: Films via Spunk Ransom

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