mercredi 13 juin 2012

*NEW* interview of Robert Pattinson with EMpire Online...


from EmpireOnLine 
 'I wanted to be Tasered in the balls' 
David Cronenberg has dealt in the currency of subversion and surprise since his days crafting ickily thinky bodyshock horrors in Toronto. Even 40 years on, the great Canadian auteur is impossible to pin down. His latest, Cosmopolis, a first adaptation of Don DeLillo's work, pushes Robert Pattinson into demanding new terrain and proves that there's much more to the man than a solid barnet and 12 bajillion screaming fans. The actor told Empire about his relationship with Cronenberg and the film's tongue-twisting dialogue.

source: EmpireOnLine via Robstenation
youtube: patty13Mai

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