mardi 26 juin 2012

*NEW* pic. of Robert Pattinson... in "Bild" newspaper... during "Cosmopolis" promo in Berlin...



translation found on ROBsessed (from Kate1706K)...
They asked him whether he has ever been poor and he responds saying that before Twilight he was but these things don't matter when you're young. He also says that still lives the same life as before, only that it is much more expensive now to keep living a normal life. Before, when he went out he would only take 20 Euros with him, whereas now he spends 12.000 in one night. he also cannot just go shopping, he has to pay people to do it.... (tried to keep it literal, but "Bild" is as yellow press as it gets in Germany, so grain of salt :)

source: @NewmoonVampire1 via Spunk Ransom
scan: @NewmoonVampire1

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