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Robert Pattinson's Itv. with the "Chicago Sun Times"...


 Vampire love is not bloody easy. Robert Pattinson — a.k.a. Edward Cullen in “Breaking Dawn — Part 1” — tells the Sun-Times that his big-screen honeymoon was met with nervous jitters.

From the groom. “I felt such pressure when vampire Edward had to make love to his mortal wife Bella for the first time,” Pattinson says. “Let’s face it. The wedding is on the girl. The guy has to step up for the honeymoon. On the honeymoon, Edward insists they play a lot of chess to avoid … other things,” he says with a laugh. “I read that in the script and said, ‘Come on! Kristen looks so amazing in these little nighties. I don’t think chess is what’s on his mind.’ ”

Despite the real-life quandary of “are they or aren’t they dating,” Pattinson says it was “awkward to make love with all these expectations.

“After the first few takes, I was told to scale it back a bit. I guess I went a little bit too far,” he says with a giggle — and this guy giggles a lot in person.

“Breaking Dawn — Part 1” is the “Twilight” film with the wedding, honeymoon and then a half human-half vampire baby on board.

And there is the interference from Taylor Lautner’s Jacob Black, who still has a “thing” for Bella.

Edward is a bit too open-minded,” Pattinson says. “I’d be like, ‘Don’t be an idiot.’ I’d get rid of this guy. I’d unleash on him — werewolf or not. Personally, I think your girlfriend or wife wants you to lose it and push away the other guy. Women like when you confirm ownership. Believe me, no one would dance with my girlfriend if he were her ex. Not happening on my watch.”

After acting a fictional vampire wedding, he isn’t sure he wants big nups of his own. “I did an interview with Kristen,” Pattinson says, “and she got annoyed with me for saying the groom’s role in a wedding is basically to be a prop.”

He has this advice for grooms: “Any guy who tries to get involved in organizing a wedding or even has an opinion is ridiculous.”

He did get very involved during Bella’s horrific birth scene. “It’s so annoying that this is not an R-rated movie,” Pattinson laments.

This could have been very ‘Rosemary’s Baby,’ ” he says. “I wanted a little demonic possession. Ideally, Bella would have twins. One good. One evil.”

He says the pivotal moment where Edward bites Bella and turns her into a vampire was movie magic. His first bites don’t work so well, so he chomps her in the neck, the leg, the arms …

“It would have been more fun if I were doing this to Kristen,” he says with a smile. “I was actually biting a rubber dummy of Kristen. I was really nervous because it had to be violent, but because it’s ‘Twilight,’ it also had to be a little dreamy. It was great because finally I get to be a vampire for a second and bite someone.”

He is happy to put these “Twilight” years in perspective.

“I came to L.A. at 17 totally unemployed,” he says. “ ‘Twilight’ was like being propelled by a jet through a maze. It still hasn’t slowed down. It’s fun. Totally bizarre. And someday I will figure it all out. I didn’t even know if I’d continue acting before this happened. Now, I do have a true drive and passion for it.”
Just not too much passion. The suits are watching.

source: Chicago Sun Times / @victoria1985 via Robstenation

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