samedi 12 novembre 2011

Robert Pattinson dans "50 Minutes Inside" (France), le 12 Nov. 2011...


They get married and then finally they do ... well you know what. I mean we've been waiting 3 movies for this, I mean you took your time, Rob.
Rob: I was like why didn't they just watch a porno. But really it was an important scene for us because it's not detailed in the book.
It's pretty violent, isn't it?
Rob: Well it's sort of passionate, like intense love making.
Are you that brutal in your sex life?
Rob: Absolutely,I've smashed many walls.
Your hotel room is going to be a disaster tomorrow?
Rob: It's everywhere, even when I'm by myself.
Vampires are in right now. Remember how I dressed up with Nikkos at the Dracula Premiere. So I tried to be one of you.
Rob: It's good.
It's good, it's not too old fashioned?
Rob: No, no, it looks very realistic. You look a little bit too brown, tho like a vampire from Nice.

source: via Pattinson Life via ROBsessed

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