vendredi 13 septembre 2013

Robert Pattinson... in the New A-List in Hollywood...

hé hé...
I pretty like that.....!!! 
(not the salary, which I really don't care... but the recognition...!!)

from The Hollywood Reporter

 photo Robert_Pattinson_a_p.jpg
The New A-List: 23 Salaries From Angelina Jolie to Robert Downey Jr. Revealed 
Who commands $20 million per movie? How much is Robert Pattinson getting paid to shill for Dior? And Downey is making HOW MUCH for "Iron Man 3"?! THR breaks down the earnings of Hollywood's biggest stars. 
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Robert Pattinson

The fashion house Dior might hope its new arrangement with Robert Pattinson works just as well as Charlize Theron's J’Adore ads, as it is paying him at least $12 million to represent its Dior Homme fragrance for the next three years.

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