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Patricia McKenzie about Robert Pattinson (Part 2) - EXCLUSIVE ROBsessed Blog -


you did enjoy the first part of Patricia itv, right....!!
here come the second part....!

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ROBsessed: Describe the scene in 3 words.
Patricia McKenzie:
erotic. erotic. erotic. erotic. exotic. enigmatic.

ROBsessed: Describe Kendra in 3 words.
alone. searching. free
ROBsessed: How does it feel to beat the iconic Edward & Bella among Robsessed fans?
I have never seen any of the Twilight movies, so I don't know what tantalizing celluloid the scene was up against, but I am really honoured to have been in the running.

ROBsessed: Rob once said sex scene tricks have modesty patches. What other tricks are used in sex scenes? Mint gum?
Wardrobe arrives between each take with a robe, to cover the actors up, touch up makeup and spray fake sweat, although the last part was wholly unnecessary. It's incredibly hot and sweaty gyrating under cinema lights, and I was going through a phase, as I sometimes do, where I stopped using deodorant and wearing nail polish or any other chemicals. All part of my detox. It takes me a lot to work up a sweat, so I didn't really consider how hot I would be or how potentially smelly. So luckily, I had two little deodorant wipes, that I tried to use, which was mortifying, but at least maybe he knew I was trying not to be offensively oderous. As far as being covered up, I had nothing, and Rob had a white sport sock taped on with masking tape, for modesty which was pretty funny. Sometimes I find those awkward cover-ups only draw attention to the nudity and make me more self-conscious than if I have nothing, but he didn't buy my argument, and kept the sock, rather flimsily attached.

ROBsessed: What do you think Kendra did after Eric's tasered? Watch QVC or recharge the gun?
I think she briefly considered kissing him all over to try to soothe his pain, but then left before he recovered.

ROBsessed: Did you have a trainer to get in shape or trained yourself?
I have a lifetime of dance training that keeps me in decent shape. I dabbled in boxing to feel more like a bodyguard and discovered that boxing, apart from being a killer workout, is a great complement to acting. If you are not completely in the moment as a boxer, you lose, much like acting.

ROBsessed: How are you still alive?
Ha ha. It's always a thrill to be working on set, especially with such luminaries in the craft, but most of my time is spent auditioning, creating opportunities, and in the pursuit of other passions I have. The exciting moments are tempered by the reality of staying focussed, not taking rejection personally and appreciating what I have, when I have it.
ROBsessed: What are you working on now? Would you work with Rob and David again?
McKenzie: I'm in the ensemble of a TV murder mystery series called "Still Life" based on a series of novels by Louise Penny that starts soon. On the side, I'm pitching a Sit-Com I'd like to produce if I can get enough funding, and I've really been in my element writing a bunch of new songs, and looking forward to recording them in studio. Of course I look forward to working with Rob and David again. They know where to find me, I hope they call soon!
A HUGE thanks to Patricia (and nice try for the sock... LOL...) who was kind to answers those question to the ROBsessed Team... and of course, another huge thanks to ROBsessed...!!

source: ROBsessed
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