lundi 20 mai 2013

One more, let's call it for now... *RUMOUR* about Dior and Robert Pattinson....

and because I SOOOOO want to believe it...  photo 89268.gif

thanks to a fan Amelie (@hugURob) who did tweet her question to Rock (@rockhead2)

 photo Capturedrsquoeacutecran2013-05-20agrave132606.png

and then...
 photo Capturedrsquoeacutecran2013-05-20agrave131136.png

because you know... he would just look awesome...!!!

from Tumblr: stefyswan77

 photo tumblr_mn3cw78KfV1qk4abwo4_500.jpg  photo tumblr_mn3cw78KfV1qk4abwo2_500.jpg
 photo tumblr_mn3cw78KfV1qk4abwo3_500.jpg photo tumblr_mn3cw78KfV1qk4abwo1_500.jpg

thanks to Tumblr: kweentrashy

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