samedi 10 novembre 2012

*VIDEO* of Robert Pattinson's itv with "DDTVN (Poland)"... "Breaking Dawn part 2" Press Junket in LA...


Damned... dubbed...!!
but thanks to ROBsessed, here's what he talked about ...!
  • He says he knows one word in Polish and then can't remember what it means LOL
  • The interviewer says they asked fans on their website to send in questions and they just want to tell her to say hi and wanted her to thank Rob for giving them so many movies and she asks him if he realises how much of an impact he and his movies have on people all over the world
  • Rob talks about people coming to events and premieres every year and camping out etc
  • Talks about working with children
  • Says after reading the book of Twilight how he thought he couldn't play the part because Edward is supposed to be so beautiful. He enjoyed the obsessive and bizarre part of the story in Twilight 
  • He said it's very difficult to make love scenes look really easy
  • Says being famous is fine but how Twitter, camera phones & TMZ ruin it and if he had been famous 20 years ago it's the greatest thing in the world
  • Interviewer says now he can't do anything crazy and Rob says it's really irritating, you have to be so conservative now

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