dimanche 4 novembre 2012

*VIDEO* of Robert Pattinson's itv with "M6 - 19h45" (France)... "Breaking Dawn part 2" Press Junket in LA...


waiting for a "real" translation (as I'm bad at doing it... lol...)
  • he isn't sad for now with the end of the saga... may be he will be at the very end.
  • he is also talking about his 3 new projects next year... The Rover, of course, a film in Iraq but he doesn't know when it will be done, and a 3rd one with David Cronenberg (and apparently, he's quite exciting by it... lol) 
  • he talked also about the end of the story, being a bit modified... and hope ppl will like it...

For 4 years, the Twilight vampires haunted our theaters. The saga ends with 'Breaking Dawn - Part 2' out on November 14th, and we got to meet exclusively the main actors Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson in LA. The on screen couple who went through a difficult time off screen, won't answer any personal questions but will talk about life after Twilight. 
Rob: I'm kind of excited about it, at the moment. I'm not sad for now but I think I might be when we're done with promoting it. It lasted a long time and it's done now, it's complete, it's kind of exciting

Rob: I'm sure some people will say 'they changed the story!' but I hope they'll still like it.
Movies that made Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson into movie stars, the latter has a mass of projects coming up. 
Rob: I'm filming a lot of movies next year. For starters, 'The Rover' is some sort of futuristic western that means a lot to me. And I might film in Iraq but I'm not sure when. And finally I'm gonna shoot with Cronenberg again, it's incredible.

source: bibine61Le RPattz Club via FB: Pattinson Art Work
translation: RPL

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