dimanche 4 novembre 2012

E! Online: Robert Pattinson "could be one of the only true movie stars of our generation..."


from E! Online
Eonline has looked into the future and created “Twilight’s 5 Stars Most Likely To Succeed” list. While many of us feel that several members of the Twilight cast will undoubtedly have long, successful careers, we thought we’d skip right to the best part…Robert Pattinson. 
With careful choice’s on past projects and the increasingly long list of future endeavors, was there any doubt that Rob would be successful? No, not at all.
Below is an excerpt from the eonline article.
Robert Pattinson: The sole male who earned himself a superlative on this list, R.Pattz is going to be just fine, people. Heck, he very well could be one of the only true movie stars of our generation. Not only does he take smaller, more controversial roles to keep people interested, but he’s just so dang charming that we can’t imagine the public will ever get sick of him.

source: E! Online via ToR

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