jeudi 22 mars 2012

*REACTIONS* to the Cosmopolis teaser...!

Quite dithyrambics I must say...
And I DO agree with all of them...!!

this trailer is just brilliant... and such a good way to get rid of Edward...!! (even if I do love Edward, remember) but for Rob's career, he couldn't have done a better choice....!

Anyway.... about the date... 23d May... plus French subtitles....
gosh, if only this could mean Cannes.... Photobucket
huge thanks to Cosmopolis Film for compelling all those reactions....

from Bleeding Cool:
My hunch is that it’s going to be superb.

from DYI:
The first trailer for David Cronenberg’s Cosmopolis has emerged and it looks like the director has returned to his reassuringly disturbing ways…Robert Pattinson is set to give the performance of his career as young billionaire Eric Packer, who has a very eventful day.

from Film School Rejects:
Whoa. Alright. If Robert Pattinson is trying to break out of his mold, he couldn’t have picked a better project than David Cronenberg‘s Cosmopolis.

from Gather:
Even in these first, brief snapshots, watching Pattinson inhabit the Cosmopolisuniverse, the world of Forks and the Cullens never seemed more distant or irrelevant. And when one considers the Breaking Dawn – Part 2 teaser was released only yesterday, it says something quite startling about Pattinson’s believability and immersion in the role of Eric Packer, that all you want to do after the teaser ends – is watch it again and again.

from Oh No They Didn’t:
The David Cronenberg we’ve been missing since Spider is B A C K and Robert Pattinson is along for the ride.

from Twitch:
Old Dave is coming back with Cosmopolis. The first teaser for the adaptation of Don Delillo’s novel has arrived online and it’s full of all the kink fans have come to expect from Cronenberg. It also puts to rest any worries about the casting of Robert Pattinson, who seems to fit into this world perfectly.

from Indiewire/The Playlist:
It looks, to be frank, absolutely brilliant, and it’s certainly dampened any doubts we might have had for the time being. And R-Patz? Damned if he doesn’t look, in the very brief glimpses, right at home.

from Hey U Guys:
I don’t know if this trailer would be classed as a red band trailer but I think it’s as close to red band as you can get without getting it actually being so….pretty raunchy and hard hitting….it does look pretty great from the 34 second trailer that we have here.

from Premiere (France):
Robert Pattinson is sexy and violent in Cosmopolis teaser. 
Après ses années , Cosmopolis est le film qui doit le faire passer du statut de poster boy à celui d’acteur majeur. Et aussi court soit-il ce trailer permet de voir la puissance magnétique de R-Patz (la scène où il déambule dans la ruelle, monstrueuse), son intrépidité et la radicalité du changement de registre opéré (Robert Pattinson se fait viser par une pute à moitié nue, s’explose la main à coup de .38 et déambule dans les boites newyorkaises).

from Up and Comers:
As the British actor looks to shed his image, and the famed director aims to gain back some of the critical acclaim that rumours would suggest he has recently lost, we see Pattinson’s Eric Packer shoot himself in the hand, have sex in a limosine and ask us darkly to “show me something I don’t know”.
Actually, it looks like Pattinson is showing us something we don’t know.

from Horror Smorgasbord:
Can you survive a journey into the mind of David Cronenberg. His movies are twisted,depraved and fucking genius in my opinion. Even though Twi-hards will see Mr. Pattinson’s name on the poster this role will be nothing like they are probably use to seeing from the actor. Either way it’s a Cronenberg film so sign me up

from ScreenRush:
The teaser, while brief, is intriguing and definitely looks to have the cerebral Cronenberg touch he is so well known for as well as some serious gnarly violence.

from Down With Film:
Okay so that is one hell of a teaser trailer. It looks like Cronenberg is really on to a winner here!! Could this be the role I finally fall for Robert Pattinson?

source: Cosmopolis Film

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