vendredi 2 mars 2012

Christina Ricci about Robert Pattinson...

sweet words...


from the IrishTimes
The fragrant Robert Pattinson plays the cynical accidental journalist whose adventures drive the plot of Bel Ami. They must have had some interesting conversations about the pressures that early success can bring. There are few idols more hotly pursued than the star of the Twilight films. 
“He’s wonderful,” she says. “He’s handling everything very well. He never brought any of what he was going through to the set. He was always incredibly well prepared, very professional and a very great actor. I loved working with him. We joked a lot. Made fun of each other and had a great laugh.” 
Did she have advice for him? “Not really. He seems to be handling it all very well. I can’t imagine being as famous as he is.”
you can read the whole article =>HERE

Source: IrishTimes

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