jeudi 9 février 2012

*AUDIO* Kellan Lutz about Robert Pattinson... on Kyle & Jackie O (Australia) Kellan Lutz mentions Robert Pattinson on Kyle & Jackie O (Australia)


thanks to ROBsessed...

Question 1: Who do you get asked about the most?Kellan: Rob. 
Question 2: Girls that want his number and all that sort of stuff, right?Kellan: They always ask if I have his number and if I'll give it to them. Bless their hearts for trying. Of course I wouldn't divulge my friend's info out to anyone. 
Question 3: Are Rob and Kristen still going strong and are they going to get married? (fan question)Kellan: You know what, I haven't talked to them in a little bit. It's not really a question that i can answer because I don't know them but they seem adorable every time I see them and madly in love so. You know who knows. Hope the best for them that's for sure.
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