mardi 4 novembre 2014

*NEW* Behind the scene Pics of Robert Pattinson... by Danielle Levitt Shares "Premiere" 's Photoshoot...


Danielle Levitt shares via her Tumblr, some "BTS pics" of her photoshoot with Rob...

from Tumblr: daniellelevitt
Behind the Scenes on my shoot with Robert Pattinson last Spring. There was lots of creative talk and inspiration going around before the shoot started and everyone especially Rob had to get their hands a little dirty. Tomorrow I’ll post the images as a reminder of how it all turned out!!
 photo tumblr_ne65tpLQ0z1qbpe7ao1_1280-1.jpg

 photo tumblr_ne65tpLQ0z1qbpe7ao2_1280.jpg

 photo tumblr_ne65tpLQ0z1qbpe7ao3_1280.jpg

 photo tumblr_ne65tpLQ0z1qbpe7ao4_1280-1.jpg

 photo tumblr_ne65tpLQ0z1qbpe7ao1_1280-1.jpg  photo tumblr_ne65tpLQ0z1qbpe7ao2_1280.jpg
 photo tumblr_ne65tpLQ0z1qbpe7ao3_1280.jpg  photo tumblr_ne65tpLQ0z1qbpe7ao4_1280-1.jpg

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