mercredi 10 septembre 2014

*AUDIO INTERVIEW* of Robert Pattinson with "Richard Crouse"... from "Maps to the Stars" TIFF 2014 Press Junket....

9th Sept. ...

Robert Pattinson talks "Maps to the Stars" with Richard Crouse 
"It’s kind of what it used to be. It’s changed quite a lot in LA. When I first started going to LA everyone was underage and if you were a famous actor the rules did not apply. You could be a sixteen year old and go into a club but now that there are camera phones everywhere that doesn’t exist anymore. But that period was so weird. You’d see a fourteen year old actor wasted, doing lines of blow on the table. It was crazy. Now they just do it at their parent’s house."

source: RPL
youtube: Richard Crouse

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