jeudi 20 février 2014

2 *NEW* Fanpics of Robert Pattinson... in Toronto...


Arghhh... Love his smile...

 photo fanpicTorontoRobertPattinson1.jpg

 photo fanpicTorontoRobertPattinson2.jpg

 from theXTRAmile (ca)
Robert Pattinson in Toronto filming “Life" 
On one of his many visits to Toronto, Robert Pattinson has hit the city again to shoot another film starring himself and Dane Dehaan titled “Life”. The movie follows the famous James Dean (Dehaan) and his friendship with Dennis Stock (Pattinson) after scooping up an opportunity with Life magazine to take Dean’s photo. We were INSANELY lucky enough to catch a quick hello from Robert Pattinson himself. With his crazy busy schedule and the 13+ hour shoots, we were grateful that he was a complete charmer with his fans. 
For any fellow Torontonians, make sure to keep an eye out in the city for this movie set as it wraps in about two weeks. We want you to go the extra mile and catch a glimpse of Robert as well! Check out our photos below.

source: RPL

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