mercredi 5 juin 2013

"Cosmopolis"... #6 on Indiewire 2012 Best Fills’s list... Available on Netflix...


from Indiewire
With so many new movies flooding the theaters every week, it’s understandable that a few noteworthy releases might have slipped under your radar within the past year. Thanks to the magic of online streaming, getting caught up on some of the best films of 2012 is just a click away. Below we have compiled a list of movies that made the cut of last year’s Indiewire Year-End Critic’s Poll List that are currently streaming on Netflix. So whether you have never heard of them before or want to watch them again, you can now have immediate access to some of the most acclaimed recent films. No longer will you have to confusedly search through the broad and confusing array of categories and titles on Netflix, as you can rest assured in your viewing knowing that these come Criticwire-approved.
1. Holy Motors (Ranked #1 on Indiewire’s Year-End Critic’s Poll List)
2. Once Upon A Time in Anatolia (Ranked #8 on Indiewire’s Year-End Critic’s Poll List )
3. The Turin Horse (Ranked #9 on Indiewire’s Year-End Critic’s Poll List)
6. Cosmopolis (Ranked #17 on Indiewire’s Year-End Critic’s Poll List)
you can check here the rest of the list...


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