vendredi 21 décembre 2012

MTV’s 50 Top Movie Characters of 2012... Robert Pattinson aka Eric Packer is # 20


from MTV
20. Eric Packer ("Cosmopolis") 
Gone are the days of Edward Cullen, the pale-skinned vamp at the heart of the "Twilight" series. It's a new day for Robert Pattinson, who is taking his acting career more seriously with every passing role. Case in point: "Cosmopolis," the David Cronenberg mind-trip that turns the normally affable Pattinson into a deeply unlikable numbers guy in the thick of an existential crisis. His Eric Packer was more alien than man, virtually emotionless, and thoroughly reckless with a firearm. The gulf between Packer and Cullen is as noticeable as Eric's asymmetrical prostate, and we salute the actor for going so boldly into strange new territory. Here's hoping for more.

source: MTV via Spunk Ransom

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