mardi 17 juillet 2012

Mathieu Carratier (rédacteur en chef de Premiere Mag.) about Robert Pattinson....


hé hé... et on aime des tweets comme ça...!!
and for you info, Mathieu Carratier is the Premiere Magazine's editor-in-chief (rédacteur en chef)
you do remember that mag, don't you.... (I love that mag btw...)
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so, I must admit, I do believe him.....
and Premiere is a really respectful magazine (not a crap one...!!)

de @mat_carra:

  • Since you insist, Pattinson could find shoot again in a Cronenberg's movie incredibly dark on ex stars chirldren...
  • Pattinson tried to convince Jeff Nichols to kinda rejuvenate the role in the end played by Matthew McConaughey in the Mud to get the part.
ha ha ha.. c'est clair...!
  • Ok, real info then: Robert Pattinson is preparing a movie with Werner Herzog (a German director)
  • Since it seems to interest you, I can also tell you that Robert Pattinson has been spending time with Harmony Korine lately

source: @mat_carrat via RPL

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