vendredi 2 novembre 2012

*NEW / Old* Fan pic of Robert Pattinson on the set of "Bel Ami"...




from Tumblr: fleurrdelacour
So I forgot about these pictures. For a long time I wasn’t allowed to put them on the internet because Rob’s in costume and I wasn’t allowed to put them out there until the movie came out and it wouldn’t be a problem with the big people upstairs in the movie industry. Buuuuut seeing rob all over my dash I squeed and searched for so long to find them. Just thought I’d put them here, because I love this series of pictures so much. Rob is the funniest, goofiest person I think I’ve ever met. I was on set of Bel Ami for a few days working with my dad and he uuuugh, i just can’t put it into words. He was so lovely to everyone, I can’t stand people hating on him because he was like a puppy. When I got the chance to talk to him I never felt like he was just being nice to a fan. This captures the moment we were talking about how he felt like a cowboy in his costume. These pictures just make me happy, okay?
that's a cute encounter....!! and what a lucky girl (my POV...!)
and once again, Rob is sooo nice to his fans (just saying) 
(does anybody had a doubt about it...???)

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